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Cleaning, Repair and Restoration
Our services include: Rug Cleaning, Repair and Restoration
Spot and Stain Removal
Custom Fit Padding
Rug Re-Weaving
Water Damage Restoration
Color Bleeding
Moth Damage
Pet & Urine Damage Restoration
Hole Patching
Fringes repair/restoration
Repair of Slits, Rips, and Tears
Re-Warp Binding on Sides



Cleaning & Washing

With years of experience in restoring and cleaning the finest handmade rugs and our cleaning techniques we will protect your investment and extend the lifetime of your precious heirloom. We use organic, eco-friendly cleaning solutions safe for antiques, humans, pets and the environment. Oriental and area rugs are different in their construction, fibers and dye lots. We understand these differences and that is why we use the most advanced in-plant cleaning process to fit each individual rug. Our traditional hands-on process for cleaning and repair, coupled with the latest technology provides the most comprehensive way of caring for your investment.



Most Oriental rugs are hand or machine woven on cotton, silk or wool foundations. The pile is usually comprised of wool, dyed with vegetable or synthetic dyes. A true expert is trained to recognize the complexities of rugs, which helps avoid unnecessary problems associated with cleaning.


Repair & Restoration

We specialize in repair of valuable handmade carpets and rugs restoring their beauty and strength. We match color and reweave portions of the carpet, restoration requires experience and discernment in the matching of yarn texture and color. Restoration can make a damaged piece usable and commercially viable once again and increase the life and value of your rug.


Rug Pads

Pads under Oriental rugs can prevent sliding, prolong the life of the rug by cushioning the impact between shoe sole and hard floor surfaces, and provide comfort under foot. While a pad can extend the life of any rug, whether or not to use a pad under a new rug is often a personal decision based upon your preference for the feel of the carpet underfoot.